All of my Twitter activity is either my proselytizing to Liberalism or my proselytizing for Liberalism. Do not be offended. Participate. Truth is often found in the harsh exchange of words and ideas. I joined Twitter (click here to read the story) to investigate something and stayed on Twitter because I found it entertaining. I will certainly Tweet whatever is most contentious and most inflammatory. Be warned, I do not take being muted, blocked and/or reported as a deterrent. I am a real boy, come Jiminy, let’s play before Geppetto returns.

Avishkar Parmananden Govender, 11 February 2020

123 | Dieuf Dieul

Avishkar Govender attempts to keep a sane disposition as he wades through the hate and hatred that is a prominent feature of the Twitterscape. A source of odd thoughts, which like remnants of wisdom, must seemingly be ignored, he nonetheless Tweets in support of his demand “Liberty Dignity Privacy”. Prone to puppeteering, programming and personating, to defeat corruption, he often utters thus: No;No;No;No;No;No;No;?[~]?;Idris Seck;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[~]?;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All ~]?;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All of ~]?;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All for ~]?;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All from ~]?; 123 For Malik Sy demands that the voice of those who want a better life and who want Liberty Dignity Privacy be heard at the polls. The aspirant will not be ignored and will not be silenced any longer. It’s not about bravery and it’s not about courage. It’s about saying, “No” to corruption. It’s about saying, “No” to crime. It’s about saying, “No” to delusion. It’s about saying, “No” to sarcasm. It’s about saying, “No” to narcissism. It’s about saying, “No” to larceny. The aspirant will prevail. Dieuf Dieul For Ibra Fall represents the hardworking who are sick and tired of being robbed by criminals who are themselves too lazy and stupid to work. No;No;No;No;No;No;No;?[~]?;Idris Seck;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[South African Lazy Stupid Association]?;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All South African Lazy Stupid Association]?;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All of South African Lazy Stupid Association]?;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All for South African Lazy Stupid Association]?;?[Yes]?;?[~]?;?[All from South African Lazy Stupid Association]?; The hardworking demand a Clear Majority be given to the Democratic Alliance so that the Democratic Alliance can Save South Africa, because the Democratic Alliance is Better.

Liberty Dignity Privacy | The aspirant will vote for change for the better | The hardworking will not tolerate corruption.